It turns out that displaying calendars on phones is tricky. If there isn't a calendar page below this paragraph, try rotating your phone sideways: the extra width may cause it to be displayed. If not, see farther below for links to view our calendars on their own pages and suggestions for adding them to your phone's own calendar app.

Please be patient... this calendar is loaded in our page by a program that runs on your phone, tablet, or computer and gets the dates from Google; it may take a few moments.

We have multiple calendars: a main calendar plus one for each basketball team. If you are using a computer, you can easily add them to your own Google Calendar display using the +Google Calendar button at the bottom of the calendar display.

Unfortunately, we currently have seven calendars and Google will only display six of them to add. If you need to add one not displayed, add them all (button at the bottom of the list), then hide the ones you don't need. Hiding the ones you don't need is the same as adding only the ones you wanted. Android phone users an also use the +Google Calendar button, continue past the warning about displaying the desktop view of the calendar on the phone.

iPhone users can add the calendars to their phones, too, but you have to follow a few steps. The iCal URLs you need are in the table below. Don't tap on the link on an iPhone, that will display every event we have ever had and give you the option to copy them into your calendar. Long press, select copy, and then follow the instructions in this Houston Chronicle article to subscribe to the calendar so you will see our changes and additions.

If you have want to see a calendar as a web page all by itself, the links are also in the table below.

calendar view as a page for an iPhone
Main SODCOH Calendar view copy this URL
Skills - School Age Basketball Team view copy this URL
School Age Basketball Team view copy this URL
Men's Silver Basketball Team view copy this URL
Men's Blue Basketball Team view copy this URL
Skills+ Gold Basketball Team view copy this URL
Women's Basketball Team view copy this URL