2017 Fall Signups

Dear SODC Family,

Bowling will begin in October; Aquatics and Soccer will begin in September. We're not sure yet how many people we can have participate in each sport, so if there is more than one sport that interests you, please select all that interest you. We'll be in touch as we work out the details for each sport.

Please use our 2017 Fall Signup Google Form to sign up. Athletes over 18 can sign themselves up. Guardians, friends, and parents can signup athletes, too. If you have to sign up more than one athlete, there will be a link to submit another form when you finish this form.

If you have any problems or questions, or know someone who can't use this form, please send email or call! We want to take advantage of electronic forms and mail, but we also don't want to miss anyone who is interested!

Signups close on August 14th.