Area 6 / Upper Arlington Swim Meet Information


Upper Arlington High School
1650 Ridgeview Rd
Upper Arlington, OH 43221

The front of the school faces south and is on Ridgeview Road. Parking is in the back between the school and the sports fields and also along the sides. The pool is on the Mount Holyoke Road side.

They also have a gym reserved for extra space. We set up a space for SODC in the gym, look for the Racer's blue. You should bring chairs and extra towels.

The locker rooms are going to be crowded, so if you can, it's a good idea to wear your suit under sweats or street wear. Bring your own towel. Bring an extra towel or towel: you will want to dry off between events and a single towel is not enough.


We have purchased lunch from the Upper Arlington parents' group for athletes and coaches only. Lunch includes a sandwich, chips, fruit snacks, cookie, and drink.

You can also bring a cooler with drinks and food. The Upper Arlington parents' group runs a concession stand in the hall between the pool and the gym so you can buy lunch, drinks, and snacks. No food or drink is allowed in the pool area, but it is welcome in the gym.


8:00 AM - registration table opens
8:15 AM - coaches' meeting
8:30 AM - our warm-up time for the morning events
9:00 AM - opening ceremonies
morning events
11:30 AM - organizers want athletes who didn't report in the morning to arrive
12:00 Noon - lunch break and assisted swim events
12:30 PM - volunteer shift change
(afternoon warm-ups depend on hope close they are to the schedule)
afternoon events

Unfortunately, we don't know exactly how many events will be done before lunch or exactly when it will finish. Plan on spending the day if you are in a later event and keeping in touch with the coaches for schedule updates.


Using Special Olympics terms, events are divided into "divisions". Divisions are numbered with the numbering restarting at 1 for each new event. Please see our spreadsheet for events, divisions, and athletes. (See your email for a link to the spreadsheet. The link is not included here because we don't want anyone on the Internet to be able to read it.)

Communicating during the meet

We have a brand new Twitter account, @SODC_OH. If you are a Twitter user, please follow it so you can get updates. If you are not a Twitter user, you can see the tweets about our swim team (and therefore the meet) on the Twitter web site:

It is very important for the coaches to know where each athlete is during the meet. If you are not competing, you should be in the gym with our group. Please let someone know when you have to leave our group. There will always be a coach or someone else with our group that knows what's happening.

No swim practice the day after, Sunday the 29th!