Minutes from 11/8/2017 Advisory Committee Meeting


Jerod Groulx
Laurie Hollingsworth
Aaron Tiedt
Jen Franklin Kearns
John Edgerton
Lillee Larosa (intern)
Eric McLoughlin
Phyllis Shambaugh


Leslie Deacon
Jim Conger

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.


The Advisory Committee invited Lori McKay to tonight’s meeting to discuss possible volunteer opportunities for her. Unfortunately, she was unable to attend due to illness. Mr. Groulx will continue his discussion with her to determine her volunteer interests.

Mr. Groulx received the official accreditation from Special Olympics of Ohio.

Mr. Groulx will contact Josh to arrange the return of the Special Olympics laptop and key.

Ms. Larosa’s term as intern is almost over. Her school has requested a letter from Special Olympics documenting her experiences our organization. Mr. Groulx invited all who have worked with Ms. Larosa to provide feedback. Ms. Larosa plans to continue as a volunteer after her internship ends.


Ms. Deacon emailed the financial report to Mr. Groulx. He agreed to forward that email to all members of the Advisory Committee.

Further discussion on this was tabled until the next meeting.


Ms. Franklin Kearns reported the following:

  1. She is trying different types of Facebook posts, including videos. She invited the Advisory Committee and coaches to submit photos. Mr. Groulx stated that there are many photos in the office.
  2. She is also including upcoming calendar events on Facebook.
  3. The number of Facebook followers has increased by 100 since the additional postings began.
  4. Twitter is up and running.
  5. Instagram is a more involved process and taking longer to establish.
  6. She invited everyone to submit ideas for postings.

Mr. Edgerton mentioned that he is taking the athlete profile form to the open gym on November 10 to start collecting profiles for posting.


Sign up deadlines were discussed. Ms. Hollingsworth received requests from athletes regarding whether it is possible to participate in basketball or cheerleading if the athlete did not sign up by the deadline.

A discussion about the process of disseminating the sign-up information was held. Mr. Groulx will talk to the athletes with the requests and may allow the athlete to participate depending on the circumstances.

The Advisory Committee will make an effort to let participants know that the deadlines are necessary due to coaching requirements, scheduling, etc. and that sign-ups must be timely received.

65 athletes signed up for basketball. 23 athletes signed up for cheerleading. Both sports have begun. Cheerleaders participate at home games.

On November 3, 2017, Ms. Shambaugh emailed requests to the athletes missing valid medical authorization forms. Many athletes have responded either with updated forms or to advise that they are in the process of obtaining updated forms. Ms. Shambaugh will follow up with the coaches regarding athletes for which she has not received a response.


Ms. Hollingsworth is settling up on Entertainment books on November 9, 2017. She still has approximately three books available.

Mr. Groulx asked that members bring fundraising ideas to the next meeting on December 13, 2017.

Ms. Larosa offered the following fundraising ideas:

  1. Dine and donate.
  2. Caroling at Polaris Mall.
  3. Silent auction.
  4. A bazaar where booths are rented to vendors.

Ms. Hollingsworth mentioned:

  1. Blue Jackets 50/50.
  2. Wine and/or beer tastings.


The Advisory Committee agreed to advertise the Sports Coordinator and Fundraising Coordinator Positions for two weeks.


The 2018 budget will be discussed at the next meeting.


Mr. Tiedt tendered his resignation from the Advisory Committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:53 p.m.