Minutes from 1/3/2018 Advisory Committee Meeting

(I am sorry these were delayed for so long: flu, signups and other duties have taken a lot of time. -- Jim Conger, the IT guy)


Leslie Deacon
Jerod Groulx
Jim Conger
Eric McLoughlin
Phyllis Shambaugh
Tom Brown
Lori Mackay
Scott Pankoff


Jen Franklin Kearns
Lillee Larosa
John Edgerton
Laurie Hollingsworth

The meeting was called to order at 6:32 p.m.


Mr. McLoughlin moved for approval of the December minutes. Ms. Deacon seconded. Motion was unanimously approved.


Ms. Deacon presented the financial summary. She reconciled earlier reports and found there are no outstanding liabilities.

Mr. McLoughlin noted that the projected expenses calculation assumed too much of a reduction in the coordinator expense, since we are still hoping to hire a sports coordinator and a fundraising coordinator. After discussion, Mr. Groulx moved that the 2018 budget remain at $36,000 for expenses and $58,000 for revenue with a review after the first quarter. Mr. McLoughlin seconded the motion. Motion was unanimously approved.



Ms. Deacon reported that bowling resumes on January 14 with the tournament on March 17. She is unsure of the requirements for tournament participation. Mr. Groulx will follow up on the tournament requirements.


She also reported that cheerleading is going well. Some more uniforms are needed.


Mr. Brown reported that there are six basketball teams. Two school age groups were combined. Game scheduling was a challenge due to venue availability. The coaches would also like more practice but finding an available venue is an issue.

The other teams are up and going. There are very few women only teams in the area so it was difficult to schedule games. Most women’s games are away, one home and four away. Laurie Hollingsworth has agreed to assemble a group for a home game with the women’s team.

Mr. Brown stated that the scoreboard at Willis has been problematic. The committee discussed the purchase of a portable scoreboard. Such a purchase may expand the pool of available venues to those without a fixed scoreboard. Portable scoreboard should include a clock. Ms. Deacon suggested that a recent private donation of $368 be used for such a purchase. Mr. Brown moved that a portable scoreboard be purchased. Ms. Deacon seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.

Mr. Brown also discussed the ideal scheduling timeline for basketball:

August—secure gym time.
October—athlete sign up.
November—start practice.
March—state tournaments.

Ohio Wesleyan Integrated Sports Program

Mr. Groulx reported on the Integrated Sports Program that pairs Ohio Wesleyan athletic trainer students with Special Olympics athletes. This program is available to all Special Olympic Athletes by application. Mr. Groulx will work with Mr. Conger to notify the athletes of this program.

Swim Pizza Party

Swim party will be at the end of January and will include certificates for athletes. Mr. Groulx will send email to the swim team members.

Spring Sports

Mr. Groulx will email past track and field to determine whether they will participate again this spring. He will also schedule a coaches’ meeting.

Ms. Hollingsworth will again coach volleyball.

Mr. Groulx will also email Carol O’Bryan to confirm that she willcoach gymnastics.

Shirts for Coaches

Ms. Deacon will order shirts for bowling, cheerleading, basketball, volleyball and gymnastic coaches. Returning track and field coaches will also receive shirts.


Mr. Groulx will prepare the grant application requesting dollars to fund bowling next year. Ms. Deacon will provide the bowling cost information. Grant deadline is January 15.


Committee discussed having a sports coordinator for each sport rather than an overall sports coordinator. This would make the job less burdensome.

Mr. Pankoff asked if we were using Facebook to solicit volunteer coaches.


Committee discussed adding car wash fundraiser during spring summer months. This fundraiser allows athlete participation. Mr. Brown said that past car wash raised approximately $500. Participants brought buckets, towels, etc. and he provided hose.

Ms. Mackay stated that her employer, First Commonwealth Bank, is promoting community involvement. She plans to ask for a donation for Special Olympics. Mr. McLoughlin will provide her information regarding potential sponsorship of Battle of the Bags.


Mr. Conger reported that he is working on updating the website. The update will simplify the design and eliminate outdated content.


Ms. Franklin Kearns reported the following via email.

Facebook still looks really good; we're up to 702 likes! Please keep sharing the page and engaging on the posts; this helps with the organic reach of our content, which in turn allows more people to see our page.

She has several athlete profiles to share in the next week or so, but would love to have more. This original content is great! Also, if we could share my email with the coaches to let them know to contact me with any content ideas (practice reminders, game results, etc), that would be really helpful. She can spin up quick graphics to accompany this type of post, or they can include a photo to go with their announcements. (Ms. Deacon does a great job of this for bowling - thank you!!)

She needs help setting up the Facebook page for charitable giving. Once established, SODC will receive 100% of the donations given via Facebook (they no longer keep a cut of the funds). However, there is a three step process to setting this up, and she is not able to get past the first step as she doesn’t have access to answer the phone number listed on our page. Mr. Conger will assist in this set up.

Instagram and Twitter are still ​chugging along, slower than Facebook but there is still a lot of potential on each of these platforms. Once we get settled into the New Year, she can work on a strategy to best build these platforms. I would love to see athlete or coach “takeovers” on Instagram, so that will be something to explore.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.