Minutes from 3/7/2018 Advisory Committee Meeting


Leslie Deacon
Jim Conger
Jen Franklin Kearns
Ralph Bach
Phyllis Shambaugh


Jerod Groulx

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.


Ms. Deacon moved for approval of the minutes. Ms. Franklin Kearns seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.


Ms. Deacon reviewed the expense vs. budget summary. Although January and February, 2018 expenses were less than budget SODC spent more than the actual revenue for those months.

Anticipated March expenses include hotel rooms for the basketball tournament. SODC is paying for the athlete’s hotel rooms but not food.


Ms. Deacon moves that Mr. Bach be appointed as Fundraising Coordinator pending background check by state. Mr. Conger seconded. Motion was unanimously approved.



State bowling tournament is on March 17 at 3 p.m. at HP Lanes on Innis Road. SODC has 32 bowlers going. The state pays for the cost of the tournament. SODC has t-shirts for bowling that will be used for the tournament.

Mr. Bach will check on possible donations of food and space for post-bowling season celebration.


Basketball is wrapping up. Mr. Brown requested money for a post-basketball season celebration. Committee decided that it would allocate $5 per athlete for the celebration.

Track and Field

The facilities for track and field are confirmed. Ms. Franklin Kearns suggested that a volunteer be sought to confirm availability of the facilities on the scheduled dates with Orange athletic director. In the past, Special Olympics times were bumped by the rescheduling of school athletic events.

Powerlifting will be at the Delaware Y and will begin on March 20. The coach picked up the belts and uniforms on March 7.

Team Rosters

Mr. Conger will share the team rosters on Monday, March 12. Once these are available, Ms. Shambaugh will compare the rosters to existing medical forms to identify expired forms.


The committee reviewed the sponsorship form for the Battle of the Bags. The committee agreed that the cost of sponsorships for this event should be raised. Ms. Shambaugh will revise the form.

Mr. Bach requested information regarding past fundraising volunteers and past donors. He requested that he be the funnel for all fundraising proposals. He will donate the cost of the Little Green Light donor management software for one year. This program will allow SODC to manage the fundraising process more efficiently and effectively.


Ms. Franklin Kearns reported the following:

Facebook still the biggest with 722 likes. The personal stories receive the most likes. She plans to continue with athlete profiles and coach’s stories.

Instagram is still growing.

Twitter now has 24 followers. This platform is currently more widely used by the public.


Biographies of Ms. Franklin Kearns and Mr. Bach will be posted on Facebook.

Mr. Rob Duvall, Marketing & Development Director for the state has asked to meet with us to discuss our challenges. Need questions for meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.