Minutes from 4/4/2018 Advisory Committee Meeting

(Note that these are posted after the meeting, before they have been approved at the next meeting -- there may be an addition or correction from time to time, but it is better to get them posted earlier. -- Jim Conger, the IT guy)


Leslie Deacon
Jim Conger
Jen Franklin Kearns
Ralph Bach
John Edgerton
Lillee Larosa
Angie Knight
Bob and Noah Buczek
Phyllis Shambaugh


Jerod Groulx

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. Prior to this meeting, Mr. Groulx advised Ms. Deacon that he was resigning as local coordinator immediately. Ms. Deacon will prepare a statement to notify the community of Mr. Groulx’ resignation and that SODC is seeking a replacement. Transition planning is covered later in these minutes.


Ms. Deacon moved for approval of the minutes. Mr. Edgerton seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.


Jim Rosenberry, Dynamic Scrip, presented information regarding the fundraising possibilities with Dynamic Scrip’s digital app or wallet. The app pays the charitable organization when it is downloaded and when it is used. The app would have the Special Olympics logo and cost $25 to download. $10 of that goes to Special Olympics, $10 into the user’s wallet and $5 to Dynamic Scrip. A user can tie a credit card and/or bank account to the app and use the app for payment. The user receives a rebate from a participating retailer when using the app and can direct a percentage of the rebate to Special Olympics. Special Olympics would receive a report of who is spending money with the app and how much. Special Olympics could use cards to market the app to potential donors.

The Committee took this fundraising opportunity under advisement and will ask Mr. McLoughlin to review the Dynamic Scrip contract.


Ms. Deacon reviewed the expense vs. budget summary. In April 2017, bingo provided significant revenue. Since there is no bingo fundraiser this year, April 2018 revenue will be much less. The largest March expense was hotel rooms for the women’s basketball tournament. One room was a no show charge. Ms. Deacon plans to contact to hotel to see if it will refund part or all of that charge.


Due to Mr. Groulx resignation, Ms. Deacon reviewed the facilities and arrangements for Spring sports and Summer Games.

Powerlifting and Gymnastics

Facilities and coaches are in place for powerlifting and gymnastics.


Ms. Deacon and Ms. Franklin Kearns are in the process of confirming that Cheshire Elementary School is reserved for volleyball. Specifically, the school has requested a copy of the Special Olympics liability policy.


Coach is in place for tennis. No facilities are reserved. Ms. Franklin Kearns is looking for a facility.

Track & Field (includes Bocce Ball)

Orange Middle School has requested a copy of the Special Olympics liability policy before confirming dates for SODC. Ms. Knight is working on this. Due to many schedule changes last year, it is recommended that Ms. Knight touch base with the Orange Middle School Athletic Director weekly to confirm that the facilities are still available for that week. Ms. Knight has adequate coaching staff for track and field.

Summer Games and Area Qualifiers

Two qualifying events are scheduled in May. These are:

Watkins Memorial scheduled for May ???? Sign up due April 20.
Spring Classic scheduled for May 12. Ms. Deacon advised them that SODC will participate.

Summer Games

The Summer Games will be held June 22-24, 2018. An athlete must participate in one of the above qualifiers in order to go to the Summer Games. SODC’s quota for the Summer Games is 35. SODC must confirm its participation today. Ms. Deacon will confirm SODC’s participation and Ms. Knight will let the coaches know that additional help will be needed to insure that everything is in order for Summer Game participation.


Ms. Franklin Kearns reported the following:

Facebook likes increased from last month. The athlete profiles continue to generate the most likes and are more likely to be shared by Facebook itself.
Instagram has 73 followers. Once SODC gets to 100 followers, Instagram will provide SODC information about the followers.
Twitter continues to have 24 followers.


Mr. Bach has been confirmed as Fundraising Coordinator and presented the following fundraising ideas:

Buttons with SODC logo or athletes pictures;
Greeting card sales;
Framed prints;

Due to the time constraints of tonight’s meeting, Mr. Bach will send information on these ideas and others to the committee for review and discussion at the next meeting.


Ms. Larosa’s class is holding a fundraiser for charity at Powell Fitness from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. She requested items with SODC logos for the silent auction at this event.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:19 p.m.