Descriptions for vacant positions

Last fall, the advisory committee proposed that we divide the single local coordinator position into multiple roles:

  • County Director (fka Local Coordinator), the liaison to Special Olympics Ohio and be responsible for overall coordination.
  • Sports Coordinator to manage participation in sports.
  • Fundraising Coordinator to manage fundraising.

Unfortunately, our County Director / Local Coordinator has had to resign, effective immediately. Our Sports Coordinator also had to resign earlier, but Tom Brown who has coached basketball for us many times stepped in to manage just the basketball season. With basketball finished, we need a Sports Coordinator. We are very happy that Ralph Bach has joined us the Fundraising Coordinator, but we still have the other two positions to fill.

Any one interested in one of the leadership positions should contact the committee through the SODC mailbox ( We need to fill these roles immediately.

More details on these positions, and many more volunteer opportunities, can be found in this PDF document from our 2017 search.

SODC Advisory Committee