Minutes from 5/2/2018 Advisory Committee Meeting


Connie Warner
Leslie Deacon
Jim Conger
Ralph Bach
John Edgerton
Phyllis Shambaugh


Lillee Larosa

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.


Ms. Shambaugh noted that the date for the Watkins Memorial meet was not included in the April minutes. She will correct that. Ms. Deacon moved for approval of the minutes. Mr. Bach seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.


A majority of the Advisory Committee via email approved Connie Warner as Local Coordinator.


Ms. Deacon reviewed the expense vs. budget summary. As noted during last month’s meeting, bingo provided significant revenue in April 2017. Since the 2018 revenue budget used the 2017 revenue numbers plus 10%, April 2018 actual revenue shows a large decrease. However, April 2018 expenses were lower because there was no coordinator expense. Ms. Deacon expects uniform expenses for May for powerlifting, gymnastics, volleyball and track.



Everything is running smoothly for powerlifting.


As far as we know, everything is in place for gymnastics. Registration is in progress for a June 3 meet. Ms. Warner will check with the gymnastics coach to confirm everything is running smoothly.


Everything is in place for volleyball. Volleyball will not be competing at Watkins meet.


Tennis team has no uniforms.

Track & Field (includes Bocce Ball)

Many athletes did not attend the first practice. Also, many do not have shirts. Mr. Conger is working on tying up some loose ends.

Watkins Memorial

The meet locations and time are posted on SODC’s online calendar. Mr. Conger will send an email asking all coaches to meet at the registration desk with Ms. Deacon at 9:00 a.m. He will also email the athletes requesting that they report at 9:00 a.m.

Equipment and Transportation

The Advisory Committee discussed equipment needs and funding. It also discussed transportation options, such as obtaining a van to transport athletes to meets.


Mr. Bach presented the following fundraising report/ideas:

The J Gumbos fundraiser is scheduled for May 30.
He has the ability to make etched glassware. This could be custom or stock.
Krispy Kreme donuts has a fundraising program. He will check into the details.
He can make window decals for about $.40 each.
He will check into pizza fundraisers with Donatos and Papa Johns.
He is researching possible grants.

The Advisory Committee discussed the fundraising software currently donated by Mr. Bach. Can the information be transferred out of the software if SODC does not continue to use? The answer is yes. Ms. Warner asked that Mr. Bach continue to use the software through the summer. Then the Committee will evaluate whether to continue.

She also asked Mr. Bach to send letters to local businesses requesting donations. She will check with the state to see if SODC can put sponsor’s names on athletes t-shirts.

Ms. Deacon stated that the Knights of Columbus are collecting money for Special Olympics in a money drop on May 6 at the corner of Hard and Smoky Row Roads.

Mr. Conger will send a mass email about the J. Gumbos fundraiser.


Ms. Franklin Kearns resigned as Social Media Coordinator effective May 1. She submitted a written report which is attached to these minutes.

Ms. Deacon stated that SODC needs someone to concentrate on content for the social media outlets. Mr. Bach can post fundraising information. Mr. Conger will send out a request seeking a volunteer for this.


Ms. Warner will buy additional gray t-shirts to make sure that all track and field athletes have a shirt for the Watkins meet.
Mr. Conger is gathering information regarding track and field line-up changes for the Watkins meet. He will send an email asking athletes to return any uniforms they may have.
Soccer is a big sport and runs from August through September. Will need a new coach this year.
Ms. Warner is transferring the medical form files to her house and will be reviewing them.
Jennifer Moore has volunteered to clean, organize and prepare an inventory of the sports equipment in the office.
Ms. Warner suggested a summer picnic/potluck so that all can get together.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.