Save the date for a picnic!

Mark your calendars! SODC is going to have a picnic on August 26th from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. This is for the entire community, all sports, all athletes, all coaches, all volunteers, family -- everyone!

The picnic will be at the Harvest Hills Farm. The farm is entirely handicap accessible. There will be two playgrounds, games, some farm animals to meet, and we'll have two barns so we can picnic rain or shine.

We'll follow up with details and try to get a head count later, but we wanted to get the date on your calendars. We plan to do this as a potluck: the organization will provide meats and then people will bring a side dish or desert based on last name. Connie is planning this as an old-fashioned picnic with yard games, water baloons, three-legged races, carrying an egg in a spoon — send your suggestions!

This will also be a great time to turn in any uniforms you have at home: we'll have a bin for them. In fact, if you have any uniforms you'd like to return now, we have a bin outside our office door in the basement in the DCBDD building.

We have Domino's Pizza fundraiser to kick off at the picnic, too. It will run for a couple of weeks.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Jim Conger
IT Guy