New Poicies: Uniforms, Registration, and Attendance

Dear Athletes and Families,

We have made several changes or additions to polices that you need to be aware of:

Uniforms: Each uniform will be given to you in a bag with the athlete's name and size. They must be returned at the end of the season. If not returned, we will need to be compensated for them. The athlete will not be able to participate in other sports until that happens. We are keeping track of them by athlete, size and number. Should you want to purchase the athletes clothing, please contact me to make the arrangements. This may not be possible in all cases. If you purchase your own, you will be responsible for laundering and making sure the athlete has them on competition day. In cleaning the office many sports do not have the uniforms needed for their sport. Things have been distributed as we could. SODCOH is spending a large amount to make sure everyone has what they need.

Registration: Registration for sports are being sent one sport at a time. You must register. You may not walk in the day of the first practice and play. Please sign up for the sport that you intend to practice and compete in. Several have signed up and dropped out at the last minute. Some have signed up for all sports and dropped all but one. This takes the spot of more serious athletes. We for the first time have a wait list. Late registration must be approved.

Attendance: Coaches will be taking attendance at every practice and competition. This is an SOOH requirement. With three absences you may be dropped from the team. I understand that there are circumstances. I also have a son with SODCOH. I am aware that there are already some that have contacted us needing special arrangements. Please continue so that we may have as many athletes participate as possible. Attendance is also critical to choosing who will go to area meets and State Games.

Delaware County is the fastest growing county in Ohio. It stands to reason that SODCOH will be growing in proportion. With stricter guidelines, wait lists and uniform procedures, we will be ready for all who want to participate. We all have things happen that we don't anticipate. We all have different situations. Should your athlete need special consideration, please contact me. I will attempt to accommodate as needed.

Your input is always welcome!! GO RACERS!!

Connie Warner
Local Coordinator