2019 Spring Sports Signups Are Open!

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It's time to sign up for the rest of the Spring 2019 sports! Powerlifting has already started. Here are links to the sign up forms for the other four sports:

Bocce and Track & Field usually practice at the same times because Bocce uses the grass near the track. Tennis has its own practice schedule based on court availability. Volleyball also has its own schedule and is the only spring sport that is not at the mercy of the weather; they practice inside. (People who played last year will remember all the rain and canceled practices for the outdoor sports!)

You can't play more than one spring sport because even though only Bocce and Track & field share practice times, all the sports share competition times. All spring sports, including powerlifting, have competitions at the same time and place. Track & field has the track and infield, bocce plays on the grass beside the track or behind the stands, tennis has the courts, powerlifting is in the field house or weight room, and volleyball is in the gym.

Cheerleading is going to continue after basketball season this year into spring and summer games, but cheerleaders can still play in another one of the spring sports.

If you have any questions, see our web site for contact information or send email to info@sodcoh.org.

Connie Warner

Local Coordinator